Flexibility in design and composition.

Our design pools are customisable to the centimetre*. We can design and manufacture your pool in any imaginable shape: rectangular, L-shaped, round, angled, etc.

Carropools can be produced in various design colours, and we can incorporate any filters, overflow systems and edge finish you desire. Complete your pool with built-in steps of your choice, an integrated cover, a lounge area, lighting, jets, etc. Carropool always have a sleek design.

Antracite – overflow


Black – infinity


L-shape – color lighting

Swimming pond with plant zone


Round shape swimming pond with plant zone

Quick installation.

All of our pools are produced to your specifications in our factory in Belgium and pre-assembled as much as possible (including lighting, covers, water pipes and electrical wiring). This enables us to eliminate the impact of weather conditions—which normally play a major role in a swimming pool installation—enabling your installer to fit your Carropool and connect your swimming pool equipment relatively quickly. The result is that you get to enjoy it sooner!


We manufacture your swimming pool according to your unique requirements and design. After our quality inspections, your pool is ready for delivery.


We deliver your swimming pool to your home with special transport early in the morning.


Your swimming pool will be in place in your garden by the end of the same day. Your installer can immediately get to work on finishing your project and connecting it to your pump room.


Your installer will get your equipment and swimming pool operational and create a stunning end result that fits your home and garden perfectly.


to allow you to enjoy your unique pool as soon as possible!

Premium quality

Carropools swimming pools and swimming ponds are made of 10 or 20 mm thick, solid-colour polypropylene copolymer (PPC). This makes our pools frost, impact, chemical and osmosis resistant. Our materials and production methods comply with the ISO and DIN standards.

Our welding techniques are secure and undergo quality inspection. Our panel materials and welding joints come with a 30-year and 10-year warranty, respectively.

Close to our distributors and customers

Our distributors and customers can rely on advice and guidance rooted in Belgian craftsmanship, from the design stage to delivery.

We enjoy getting closely involved with your projects to help us understand your design, situation and requirements. Only then can we turn every pool into a unique Carropool that leaves our customers satisfied. Our short lines of communication enable us to deliver quickly; faster than other manufacturers in most cases, without compromising on quality.

Sustainable innovation

The many years of experience and know-how shared by our production team in Belgium mean that Carropools is able to continuously optimise its swimming pools and swimming ponds and guarantee their high quality. The polypropylene copolymer (PPC) material used to make Carropools has low thermal conductivity. The use of 10 mm-thick panels usually alleviates the need for extra insulation, but we can insulate your pool if desired.

With extra insulation, Carropools are up to seven times more insulated than concrete pools. Our pools are chemically resistant (they do not contain or release any hazardous substances such as lead or tin). Our materials also do not release microplastics into the water. On top of that, our pools are 99% recyclable.