Carropools works with the best swimming pool installers in Europe.

We support our distributors every day and in every aspect of their work, so that together, we can offer the quality, speed and service you expect.

Design support

  • Our team is ready to advise you and your swimming pool installer and help you design a stunning swimming pool.
  • Consultation with your landscape and home architect is a normal and important aspect in creating the perfect swimming pool. Your swimming pool installer and Carropools are right by your side in finding the perfect solution.

Special transport

  • Carropools are always delivered to the customer’s door using professional special road transport. Your pool will arrive safely and on time.
  • We have a wealth of experience in transporting pools from Belgium as far as Switzerland, Scotland and other places in Europe. We know what we need to arrange and request to guarantee efficient transport.

Carropool installation

  • If necessary, we can offer extra help when placing the swimming pool on its foundation.
  • We always assist new distributors during their first few installations.
  • All distributors are properly supported and know exactly how to install a Carropool


  • Our manufacturer’s warranties are provided as an important basic service.
  • Your Carropools distributor will also provide warranties and service.
  • Our panel materials and welding joints come with a 30-year and 10-year warranty, respectively.

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Our advisors are ready to help you and look forward to putting you in touch with one of our local professional Carropools distributors.

You can order your Carropool from any affiliated distributor in Europe. Our professional partners will guide you through the design process, offer technical advice, provide a quote and handle the installation, finishing and servicing of your pool.