The benefits of Carropools

Flexibility in design and composition

Our design pools are customisable to the centimetre*. We can design and manufacture your pool in any imaginable shape: rectangular, L-shaped, round, angled, etc.
Carropools can be produced in various design colours.

Quick installation

All of our pools are produced to your specifications in our factory in Belgium and pre-assembled as much as possible (including lighting, covers, water pipes and electrical wiring).

Premium quality

Carropools swimming pools and swimming ponds are made of 10 or 20 mm thick, solid-colour polypropylene copolymer (PPC). This makes our pools frost, impact, chemical and osmosis resistant.

Close to our distributors and customers

Our distributors and customers can rely on advice and guidance rooted in Belgian craftsmanship, from the design stage to delivery. We enjoy getting closely involved with your projects to help us understand your design, situation and requirements.

Sustainable innovation

The many years of experience and know-how shared by our production team in Belgium mean that Carropools is able to continuously optimise its swimming pools and swimming ponds and guarantee their high quality. The polypropylene copolymer (PPC) material used to make Carropools has low thermal conductivity.

Are you a swimming pool or swimming pond builder?

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Whatever your requirements and choices, we are ready to turn them into reality.


Shape, size and colour matching the spaces and lines of your home, patio and garden.

  • Any combination of rectangular and curved
  • Customisable in length, width and depth with centimetre precision
  • White, light grey, dark grey, olive grey or black


Type of pool and edge finish

  • Infinity overflow
  • Overflow
  • Skimmer
  • Grass edge
  • Swimming pond
  • Mini pool


Type of steps and relax functions

  • Wide or narrow steps. Select from at least 11 models or design your own.
  • With or without lounge area


Type of cover

  • Slatted roller in various colours and materials, fully integrated.
  • Liquid cover


Lighting, safety, etc.

  • White and coloured lighting
  • Leather grain / Non-slip
  • PVC and stainless steel-look light fittings
  • Jets and bubbles

All Carropools products in one overview.

Carropools uses reliable Belgian craftsmanship to produce unique, prefab swimming pools with premium, sustainable materials.

At Carropools, the ideal combination of flexibility, eye for design and the application of the right materials and equipment always results in a unique swimming pool in which every last detail has been considered.

We work closely with our customers, helping them explore their options and offering specific solutions for every question. Our experience, speed and efficiency mean you can enjoy the finest swimming pool experience in no time at all.

Swimming pool and pond models

Pool edge finishes

Pool colors

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