A cover is sustainable and indispensable.

Automatic slatted roller covers are always invisibly and expertly built in; they will only be left visible at your request.


  •  We offer PVC and polycarbonate slats in various finishes from various manufacturers.
  • In addition to size and colour, you can also select additional functions for your slats, including anti-algae, solar and safety slats.
  • Your swimming pool installer can provide all the advice you need on the options and maintenance.

Carropools expertly and invisibly integrates all slatted roller covers.

Sun shelf

Roller integration inside the pool underneath a sun shelf. The sun shelf also serves as a shallow seating/lounging area for you to relax. Ask us about the different sizing options.


Roller integration inside the pool underneath full-with lounge steps. The steps have a minimum depth of 40 cm.


Roller integration outside the pool in a recess, leaving maximum room for swimming.

Liquid swimming pool and swimming pond covers.

If a slatted/plastic cover is not an option or not your ideal choice, you can use a liquid cover for your swimming pool or swimming pond.

A liquid cover allows you to save water, energy and money 24/7. Liquid covers are a sustainable solution and a great option from an aesthetic perspective if you prefer to maintain the pure look of your swimming pool.

The benefits:

  • Save up to 50% in water and energy
  • Works day and night
  • Your stunning swimming pool or swimming pond always remains visible
  • Environmentally friendly (sustainable and biodegradable)

For optimal results, HeatCover can also be combined with a slatted roller cover. Maximum sustainability, cleanliness and safety guaranteed!

Ask your Carropools distributor for the options, or visit www.heatcover.eu.

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