The finish is part of your design and enhances your enjoyment.

Inlet and suction nozzle fittings are installed during prefab. To guarantee quality, Carropools uses proprietary watertight thread sockets for the installation, instead of gaskets.

The colour and style of your pool is the deciding factor in the choice of colours and materials of your light fittings. Your swimming pool installer can advise you on the number of inlet nozzles you need for proper water treatment. You can also opt for massage nozzles. No matter your choice, Carropools will expertly install it.

Inlet and suction nozzle connections

Integrated lighting

Lighting is indispensable for swimming and being able to see your swimming pool in the evening. Integrated lighting adds the finishing touch to your swimming pool in terms of design and atmosphere. All lights are watertight, energy efficient and expertly installed.

New: As an extra design feature, Carropools can angle your lights inwards when installing them (see photo).

Adagio Pro Spectravision or Evaoptics lights and light fittings

EVA RX Eco 15 / 20W mono or color

EVA RX with stainless steel armature


Bright white

Warm white

Stainless steel look


Light grey

Anthracite grey


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