Our Projects

We have been supplying the best quality swimming pools for many years. That means that in the meantime countless satisfied customers have one of our swimming pools in their garden. Every swimming pool is a unique challenge. We are happy to share the results with you.


In this project a conscious decision was made to play with the sloping terrain. In this way we were able to play the optical effect of our infinity pool to the maximum , with a spectacular result.

Mirror pond

The walled environment of this city garden offered unique opportunities to work with sleek design and unorthodox materials. At the same time we have pursued a neutral look to compliment the warm ocher colors.

Indoor pool

An indoor swimming pool offers many challenges.

Skimmer bath

This renovated farmhouse with clinker terrace has a very distinct style. A style where there is certainly room for a swimming pool if it is processed correctly in such a beautiful rustic setting.

Bio swimming pond

A swimming pond with stepping stones and a central pool house ensures that you get the appearance of a natural pond, with the comfort and ease of maintenance of our installations.


It doesn’t always have to be swimming pools or complex installations. Sometimes, the best solution for your garden is a pond that is beautiful in its simplicity.